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Video Slideshow Makers: The Replacement for Scrapbooking

A couple decades ago, people spent a lot more time with photo albums and scrapbooking. But now since we are in the digital age, most of this has moved to computers. Instead of cutting out pictures and putting them in a book, it is more convenient to just look at pictures or videos on your computer. If you want to share videos at an event, making a video slideshow is often a better option that trying to make a collage and print it out. In this article, I want to discuss video slideshow makers.

First of all, why are slideshows so popular? One reason is because they are so simple to make. You don't have to be an expert with computers to make a great looking slideshow. You can click here and have a lot of different pictures, fancy transitions between each image, and music that goes along with each picture. It doesn't take too long to make a nice slideshow, it is easy to do, and the results are great.

Why would you need a slideshow, though? Sure, there are times when you simply want to look at pictures on your computer or share a picture with a friend. Email is great for that. But there are also times or events when it is nice to have a slideshow. One common example is at wedding receptions. While everybody is sitting around visiting and eating, it is a popular idea to have a video slideshow on a big screen for everyone to see. This way you can show pictures of the couple through the years. But there are many other events where slideshows work great as well.

As I have already stated, making a slideshow is actually not that hard. But you will need a video slideshow maker, which is usually just a computer program. Chances are if you have a newer computer, there is already software on your computer that will allow you to make a slideshow. If not, then you can search online and find a program, or even just buy slideshow software at the store. Most options are fairly cheap.

In fact, if you search online there are even websites that let you make a wedding slideshow for free. If you want extra options, then you'll have to pay, but it is free to make a simple slideshow. You just log into the website, upload all the pictures you want, and specify what text you want to show (if any) with each picture, and select a song from a list. Then it automatically creates a slideshow, complete with fancy transitions between each slide so you have a professional looking video within minutes.

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